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Aug 31, 2016 by Matthew Parker about  Diamond Pro-Am Pool Table:
"I just recently had my Diamond Pro Am delivered that I purchased from Heath Manning of Manning Cues. With Heath I had a great experience from when I first spoke to him about a price quote to when the table was finally delivered. Heath took the time to answer all of my questions throughout the process and gave me updates on the progress of the table while it was being built. If you want to purchase a Diamond Pro Am or anything else billiards related, Heath Manning is your guy!"
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Sep 30, 2016 by Nason Dumont about  Diamond Pro-Am Pool Table:
"I spoke to different people that was selling the Diamond Pro Am tables and decided to go with Manning's, due to the fact that he took the time to explain and answer all my questions and also gave some good advice. I felt very comfortable dealing with him compared to the other dealerships. Manning stayed in contact with me with updates on when the table was going to leave the factory, be delivered and set up. When the table was delivered there were some scuff marks and 1 scratch, I called Manning and told him about same, he replied hold on for a second I will get Diamond on a conference with us, after the conference call was made ,Manning seen to it that all 6 rails were changed and that I was happy with the final results, which I was. I would encourage anyone looking to buy a Diamond table to contact Manning's as their first choice. It was a pleasure doing business with Manning's, thanks for everything you made happen.
Best Regards
Nason Dumont"
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Sep 30, 2016 by John Galik about  Diamond Professional Pool Table:
"To anyone wanting to purchase a pool table: I've never in my life felt the need to put any of my opinions on the internet, but I feel I owe it to Heath Manning to take the time to write this small blurb. When I read that he would be personally involved in my purchase of a pool table from Manning Cues I was a bit skeptical. However, Heath himself answered my phone calls and emails promptly. He worked with me to get the exact table I wanted, and I truly believe Heath's prices are some of the best. My table was delivered almost exactly when he said it would be, and team that set it up was great. If there had been any problems at all, I have no doubt that Heath himself would have made sure that they were corrected.

J. Galik"
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Sep 30, 2016 by Jamie McKeen about  Diamond Pro-Am Pool Table:
"I received my Diamond Pro Am 2 weeks ago and could not be happier, the table is beautiful and plays absolutely perfect. The service from start to finish from Manning Cues was excellent! "
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Nov 7, 2016 by sergei kvartler about  Diamond Pro-Am Pool Table:
"This is the best table on the market in my opinion to have at home. The ball return is very fast and barely makes any noise. I looked around for the best price and Heath had the lowest. One downside of the process was that 1 part came broken, however it was neither Heath's or Diamond's fault but the shipping company's instead. Took about 1 week to get that part replaced, which wasn't bad at all. Overall, I am very satisfied with this purchase and recommend not only this table, but the amazing service Heath offers everyday."
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Nov 7, 2016 by James Groves about  Diamond Ball Cleaner/Polisher (8 Balls):
"Manning cues was great to deal with. Outstanding customer service. Diamond Ball Cleaner is everything I thought it should be and more. Well worth the costs."

Advantages: Quiet and esay to use and does a great job. Even put a shine on some antique balls I have.

Disadvantages: Haven't found any.
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Jan 16, 2019 by Chris Davidson about  Diamond Pro-Am Pool Table:
"A Diamond table would be my largest purchase behind my home and vehicles. I read multiple reviews, forums, etc., before contacting you about the 9' pro-am. Production and delivery went exactly as you described on our initial call. Every time I emailed for a delivery update, you called or responded the next time I checked my email. My experience could not have been any better with Manning. "

Advantages: Absolutely the best table from the best provider. Consistent rails, pro cut pockets, leveling system, quiet ball return, makes you a better player, love the look and durability of the dymalux.
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Oct 12, 2016 by James Salvador about  Diamond Professional Pool Table:
"Diamond Pro Table installed 5 months ago. Couldn't be more happy with the purchase. Excellent table and the process from ordering through setup was great. Totally love the table."

Advantages: Well built. Great playing. True. Stylish enough for the home.

Disadvantages: None so far.
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Feb 18, 2019 by William W Brown IV about  Diamond Paragon Pool Table:
"I do not usually leave reviews (good or bad). I feel like I owe it to Heath to write about my experience. Hopefully this and the other reviews will help future customers feel more comfortable about dealing with Heath for all purchases; small or large.
Heath kept in great contact during my order, build and delivery processes. Just before my table was ready to leave the factory, he was made aware of an issue with the aesthetic appearance. He quickly put a stop to scheduled delivery and then contacted me. He offered solutions and only after I made a decision, he made the change with production and scheduled delivery for my table.
The table is flawless. Clearly Diamond and my two installers (a shout to Paul and Steve), need a ton of credit. However, a big reason that everything went smoothly was because of Heath. Heath added a lot of value to the whole experience and I am very glad I decided to place my order with him."
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Oct 13, 2017 by Christian sae about  Diamond Professional Pool Table:
"I've been a long time customer of heaths, but only of small products like cues or wax. This is my first diamond table ever and I can honestly say everything was great. The installation was done by diamond experienced table mechanics, and Heath was very responsive and pleasant. He always opted to call rather than email me, which I think shows a lot about his care for his customers. The charges for installation and delivery were also reasonable and better than most other dealers i spoke with. "
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Mar 13, 2017 by Mitchell K about  Diamond Pro-Am Pool Table:
"Heath was informative, helpful, and extremely efficient. I submitted a request through the site to be contacted, and he even called me past their listed business hours! I couldn't believe I got a response so quick! Then he took the time to answer all questions and thoroughly explain the process and pricing. Not only this, but I ended up getting my table in 1/3rd of the time that he said I would! Someone cancelled so he called me to bump me up on the list. Great guy. If you want the best quality table for your money, don't go to a second-rate or third party seller. Go to the Certified Diamond Dealer of North America -- Manning Cues. Thanks again Heath, my table is PERFECT. Smooth action, quiet (and fast) ball return.. just amazing! Super happy customer! The mechanics who installed the table were great people too. Very fast and helpful. "

Advantages: Best quality table
Best quality felt (Simonis)
Easy process
Great service

Disadvantages: NONE AT ALL. SERIOUSLY.
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Jul 3, 2018 by John Lilly about  Diamond Professional Pool Table:
"Life is full of disappointments. My 9' Diamond Professional pool table is, emphatically, not one of them. It's beautifully designed, beautifully built and installed, and beautiful to the eye--and it plays pretty much perfectly.

I'm not sure what more one could want of a pool table. Whatever the opposite of Buyer's Remorse is, I'm experiencing it right now."

Advantages: Great service from Manning Cues and Diamond, all conspiring to deliver as close to perfect a product as possible.

Disadvantages: People famously differ on this, but I believe that one day I'll die, and I'm pretty sure I won't be able to take my 9' Diamond Professional pool table with me wherever I do or don't end up after that. This is a big problem for me..
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May 22, 2017 by Bob Bales about  Diamond Paragon Pool Table:
"I ordered a Diamond Paragon table and matching light from Manning Cues which was installed May 20 by Gary Hume and Mike Veasey. I am delighted with the table, light and the entire order to delivery process was handled well and professionally. Heath, Mike and Gary are highly experienced, knowledgeable and professional. "

Advantages: Heath Manning takes a personal interest in his customers. His product knowledge is exceptional and if he does not know something, he says so and then gets the answer. The Diamond Paragon table was a major purchase and Heath answered my questions as well as the factory representatives. All communications were excellent.

Another pool table mechanic who wanted to learn more about Diamond tables, observed the installation of my table. During the installation, Mike and Gary were very helpful in explaining the process and why they did what they did. It was interesting to listen to the mechanics share trade craft details. These guys work on major professional tournament and professional player's home tables. They know their stuff. The installation took 7 hours and it was always clear that their goal was to do the job right instead of getting it finished as quickly as possible.

Disadvantages: Manning Cues is Diamond Billiards exclusive internet dealer. This was a concern initially, but Heath's knowledge and communication capabilities exceeded any I have had with established storefronts. I would have these guys back to work on my table any day. I consider myself lucky to have them install my table.
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May 5, 2018 by Hank Powell about  Diamond Pro-Am Pool Table:
"I ordered the Diamond Pro-Am 9’ table with the tournament blue Simonis 860 cloth and couldn’t be happier with the table. It plays perfect, just like I knew it would. I’ve wanted one for many years now and decided to order from Manning’s Cues because of all the positive reviews I read online. Well, they were spot on accurate. Heath Manning handled my order personally and kept in touch with me every step of the way. Heath called me to notify me that the table was coming sooner than he had and asked me if that was okay and I was very pleased with that. The two guys who delivered my table, Chris and Rick, took every precaution to make sure the table didn’t get scratched and neither did my home, which I really appreciated. They made the set up look so simple and were in and out in less than 90 minutes with the table leveled and ready to play on. I also ordered the Diamond light to match the table and I’m glad I did, it looks great and works beautifully. I’m 52 years young and I have to say the customer service I’ve received from Heath Manning is some of the best I’ve ever experienced. If you’re serious about getting a world class table, you owe it to yourself to deal with a world class customer service professional like Heath.

Hank Powell – North Carolina"
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Sep 16, 2020 by Mike Hodges about  Diamond Professional Pool Table:
" Received my 9' professional table, in what I feel due to the covid shutdown, a reasonable time frame. Heath Manning really is on top of things & does very well thru the process of keeping his customer up to date on status changes. The table set up went very well & it's a world of improvement over my old Gandy. "

Advantages: Table aesthetics are top notch (I purchased the Dymalux Rosewood) Play is perfect & the best drop pockets as far as being quiet for the late night rounds.

Disadvantages: I have 2 gripes. The 1st, though I do love the sound dampening of these drop pockets I am seeing the famous black mark on my balls that I thought had been taken care of, though probably not as prevalent as before. The other issue is with the bridge holders. My pool room is dark & because these are dark & not a one piece holder like commonly found on a Gold Crown or my old Gandy, it's a little cumbersome to place the bridge back in place after use. This isn't any big deal of course but in hind sight I probably would have just made something up on my own.
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Oct 2, 2020 by Evan Bostrom about  Diamond Dual Ball Cleaner/Polisher (16 Balls):
"The 16 ball polisher works great! I use Bludworth cleaning solution and they come out perfect every time. "

Advantages: Can clean an entire set of pool balls at once
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Apr 24, 2019 by Matthew Ross about  Diamond Pro-Am Pool Table:
"Couldn't be happier with my purchase. Table came in as described and plays amazingly. Overall process was very easy and a smooth transaction. Wasn't sure about some of the options but Heath took the time to walk me through the differences and helped me decide what would be best for me. Manning Cues is my go to supplier for all my billiard needs. Thanks Heath."

Advantages: One piece slate plays great.

Disadvantages: None
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Jun 20, 2018 by Reece Arlin about  Diamond Pro-Am Pool Table:
"Pool table is excellent! Heath was a complete professional from front to finish - he even advised me properly on the material of the pool table to get. He was also hands-on with the process the entire time. I would highly advise this experience to anyone."
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Jun 22, 2018 by Greg Long about  Diamond Ball Cleaner/Polisher (8 Balls):
"I looked at a lot of ball polishers and this one kept coming to the top of the list. The design works very well and it is an extremely heavy duty unit. Combine an excellent product with Heath’s customer service and you have a winning combination."

Advantages: Made in Usa
Heavy duty
Simple design

Disadvantages: A little heavy but that’s what you would expect from a well built piece of equipment
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Jun 22, 2018 by Eric Clarke about  Diamond Professional Pool Table:
"I had my 8 foot Diamond Professional installed yesterday and I am extremely happy with the table and the installation team. There were a couple of issues along the way with this table order which were completely on the Diamond Billiards end but Heath always took full responsibility even though these were issues at Diamond that were beyond his control. Heath went out of his way to make sure I was happy at the end of the day and even with a last minute issue (a mistake by Diamond), Heath came up with a solution so everyone was happy. The table is pristine and well worth the wait and overall I am happy with my new Diamond Professional. "
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Sep 18, 2018 by David W about  Diamond Pro-Am Pool Table:
"I ordered my Diamond Pro table from Heath at Manning Cues, best move I ever made. From start to finish he answered all of my questions, and helped me choose what I needed. The delivery team of Mike and Gary were the best, took their time, and explained everything to me as they were installing the table. There was a problem with one of the legs, and they assured me it would be taken care of by Diamond. Heath phoned me to assure me that it would be taken care of in 2 to 3 weeks. 3 weeks later it was fixed perfectly. I would recommend anyone looking for a diamond table to get it from Manning Cues. "
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Sep 18, 2018 by Leonard Bennett about  Diamond Ball Cleaner/Polisher (8 Balls):
"First off let me start by saying that Mr. Manning provided top of the line customer service when I placed my order for this piece of equipment. I am the proud owner of 7 different sets of top of the line Billiard Ball sets so I wanted to get a polisher that would keep my investment in balls in top condition and man does this thing deliver! The polisher arrived on time, very well packed and was a breeze to setup and operate, the results were SPECTACULAR! Trust me when I tell you that this is a MUST HAVE PURCHASE if you are serious about taking care of your equipment, it’s fantastic design fits well into any décor. I also advise against using the many methods you will see floating around the internet as many of those designs and methods will damage your balls and the way in which they play on your table, this unit was made by Pros who know their stuff. I highly recommend this polisher to anyone and I highly advise you to purchase it from Manning Cues as they are simply the best hands down!"

Advantages: Unit is quiet and built solid with amazing polishing results, worth every penny.

Disadvantages: ZERO!!!
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Dec 22, 2018 by Tim Altenburg about  Diamond Professional Pool Table:
"I highly recommend working with Heath Manning when puchasing your Diamond Pool table. Our situation made the process longer and probably more complex than typical. Heath provided great responsive service, insightfulness and relevant advice. His experience showed and his guidance was very helpful. This occurred through the entire process; from table selection through delivery.

And his delivery team was very professional, fast and experienced. Fron start to end, a great well managed process. "
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Jan 21, 2019 by Dustin Juvand about  Diamond Pro-Am Pool Table:
"Without a doubt, BEST customer support you will ever find. If you're like me and reading through the reviews, you may be skeptical about every review being extremely positive. There is a good reason for that. Let me tell you about my experience. In your very first conversation with Heath Manning, he will reassure you that he will take care of you. I can't stress how true this is. The day I took delivery of my table, the freight company rolled it out on the forklift and stuff was literally falling out of the crate. I was sick with disbelief that my Diamond table had just come in damaged. I made a call to Heath and left a message. Not expecting a reply that day as it was after business hours, I got a call within a few hours. Heath reassured that everything would be made right and I would be completely satisfied with the end results. He saw to it that I got all new replacement parts for my table. Heath Manning will do everything possible to make sure you are more than satisfied. I could not be happier with the end results. "

Advantages: Beautiful table that plays to expectations
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Jan 23, 2019 by Bob Johnson about  Diamond Pro-Am Pool Table:
"Super quality table. My friends and I are very favorably impressed with the eye appeal and workmanship of this table. The purchase, communication, and delivery were the best I've experienced buying anything from anyone."

Advantages: Leveling system is superior to other tables I have played on. I was very favorably impressed with the professionalism of the installation technitions

Disadvantages: None
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