Diamond Pro-Am Pool Table

Diamond Pro-Am Pool Table

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Aug 31, 2016 by Matthew Parker
"I just recently had my Diamond Pro Am delivered that I purchased from Heath Manning of Manning Cues. With Heath I had a great experience from when I first spoke to him about a price quote to when the table was finally delivered. Heath took the time to answer all of my questions throughout the process and gave me updates on the progress of the table while it was being built. If you want to purchase a Diamond Pro Am or anything else billiards related, Heath Manning is your guy!"
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Mar 13, 2017 by Mitchell K
"Heath was informative, helpful, and extremely efficient. I submitted a request through the site to be contacted, and he even called me past their listed business hours! I couldn't believe I got a response so quick! Then he took the time to answer all questions and thoroughly explain the process and pricing. Not only this, but I ended up getting my table in 1/3rd of the time that he said I would! Someone cancelled so he called me to bump me up on the list. Great guy. If you want the best quality table for your money, don't go to a second-rate or third party seller. Go to the Certified Diamond Dealer of North America -- Manning Cues. Thanks again Heath, my table is PERFECT. Smooth action, quiet (and fast) ball return.. just amazing! Super happy customer! The mechanics who installed the table were great people too. Very fast and helpful. "

Advantages: Best quality table
Best quality felt (Simonis)
Easy process
Great service

Disadvantages: NONE AT ALL. SERIOUSLY.
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Sep 30, 2016 by Nason Dumont
"I spoke to different people that was selling the Diamond Pro Am tables and decided to go with Manning's, due to the fact that he took the time to explain and answer all my questions and also gave some good advice. I felt very comfortable dealing with him compared to the other dealerships. Manning stayed in contact with me with updates on when the table was going to leave the factory, be delivered and set up. When the table was delivered there were some scuff marks and 1 scratch, I called Manning and told him about same, he replied hold on for a second I will get Diamond on a conference with us, after the conference call was made ,Manning seen to it that all 6 rails were changed and that I was happy with the final results, which I was. I would encourage anyone looking to buy a Diamond table to contact Manning's as their first choice. It was a pleasure doing business with Manning's, thanks for everything you made happen.
Best Regards
Nason Dumont"
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Sep 18, 2018 by David W
"I ordered my Diamond Pro table from Heath at Manning Cues, best move I ever made. From start to finish he answered all of my questions, and helped me choose what I needed. The delivery team of Mike and Gary were the best, took their time, and explained everything to me as they were installing the table. There was a problem with one of the legs, and they assured me it would be taken care of by Diamond. Heath phoned me to assure me that it would be taken care of in 2 to 3 weeks. 3 weeks later it was fixed perfectly. I would recommend anyone looking for a diamond table to get it from Manning Cues. "
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Jun 20, 2018 by Reece Arlin
"Pool table is excellent! Heath was a complete professional from front to finish - he even advised me properly on the material of the pool table to get. He was also hands-on with the process the entire time. I would highly advise this experience to anyone."
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Nov 7, 2016 by sergei kvartler
"This is the best table on the market in my opinion to have at home. The ball return is very fast and barely makes any noise. I looked around for the best price and Heath had the lowest. One downside of the process was that 1 part came broken, however it was neither Heath's or Diamond's fault but the shipping company's instead. Took about 1 week to get that part replaced, which wasn't bad at all. Overall, I am very satisfied with this purchase and recommend not only this table, but the amazing service Heath offers everyday."
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Sep 30, 2016 by Jamie McKeen
"I received my Diamond Pro Am 2 weeks ago and could not be happier, the table is beautiful and plays absolutely perfect. The service from start to finish from Manning Cues was excellent! "
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Jan 16, 2019 by Chris Davidson
"A Diamond table would be my largest purchase behind my home and vehicles. I read multiple reviews, forums, etc., before contacting you about the 9' pro-am. Production and delivery went exactly as you described on our initial call. Every time I emailed for a delivery update, you called or responded the next time I checked my email. My experience could not have been any better with Manning. "

Advantages: Absolutely the best table from the best provider. Consistent rails, pro cut pockets, leveling system, quiet ball return, makes you a better player, love the look and durability of the dymalux.
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Jan 23, 2019 by Bob Johnson
"Super quality table. My friends and I are very favorably impressed with the eye appeal and workmanship of this table. The purchase, communication, and delivery were the best I've experienced buying anything from anyone."

Advantages: Leveling system is superior to other tables I have played on. I was very favorably impressed with the professionalism of the installation technitions

Disadvantages: None
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Aug 5, 2019 by Ben Chai
"Excellent service, excellent communication, excellent set up. Expectations were exceeded."

Advantages: Service and price

Disadvantages: None
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Nov 17, 2021 by Rick Wykoff
"Total dream come true Manning. This is my 2nd Diamond Pro-Am table. The best tables on the planet and there's not a close second! Great experience with Manning and smooth installation. Amazing job leveling the table...Its as level as you can get!"
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Apr 24, 2019 by Matthew Ross
"Couldn't be happier with my purchase. Table came in as described and plays amazingly. Overall process was very easy and a smooth transaction. Wasn't sure about some of the options but Heath took the time to walk me through the differences and helped me decide what would be best for me. Manning Cues is my go to supplier for all my billiard needs. Thanks Heath."

Advantages: One piece slate plays great.

Disadvantages: None
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May 3, 2019 by Charles Vella
"There’s only one pool table worth buying and only one person to buy it from. Heath Manning will give you all the attention you require to ensure your satisfaction with your Diamond Billiards table. The table was delivered and installed perfectly. I couldn't be happier."

Advantages: Personalized attention. The best pool table in the business.

Disadvantages: Due to the high demand of the Diamond tables there is about a three month delivery wait from time of order but well worth the wait.
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Feb 28, 2018 by Van Howard
"Unbeatable customer service. I purchased my Diamond Pro-Am because of Heath's numerous outstanding reviews and he certainly went over the top to ensure I was happy. From the first phone call, to answering numerous questions while in production, to calling after the set up, he was always there to ensure I was happy. Cannot be happier about the purchase and I intend to purchase all my billiard products from Manning Cues. "

Advantages: Outstanding customer service!

Disadvantages: I don't have enough time to play on my amazing table.
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Apr 22, 2019 by Aaron Taylor
"It was a fantastic experience ordering from Manning Cues, and we ended up with an incredible table. I would recommend to anyone."

Advantages: Always able to get directly in touch with Heath. Top of the line product.
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Sep 10, 2018 by Anthony Harp
"My Diamond Pro-Am pool table is exactly as I expected. One of the best tables money can buy. Heath Manning took the time to answer all my questions and walked me through the entire process. The customer service was outstanding. I was thoroughly impressed with the table installation. I had some space constraints and they helped to minimize those by placing the table in the best spot possible. They took their time and did not damage anything while getting the table into my basement. I couldn't be happier with the final result. "

Advantages: Great table and great service.

Disadvantages: Slight delay in production caused the table to arrive a couple weeks later than expected. However, Heath Manning kept me informed throughout the entire process.
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Nov 15, 2018 by Robert B. Mantz
"If you’re looking for a new diamond table, look no further...Manning is your guy! He knows his stuff, gets back to you timely and keeps you informed! You won’t find a better price or service, and the installers are meticulous and top notch! My table was also installed a few weeks early!"

Advantages: Most consistent playing table out there! And excellent installation!

Disadvantages: Not cheap, but if you’re not a serious player then you’re not even reading this review!
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Dec 12, 2018 by Marcos Soriano
"My Diamond table came in as ordered, very pleased! Thank you Heath for your diligence and excellent customer support, Manning Cues is highly recommended for any pool needs you night have, I'm a long time client for a reason and I'll keep coming back, well done!"

Advantages: Have played on many tables from different manufactures and the one that stroke gold with me is the Diamond Pro Am. Is a fast table which makes you control cue ball speed better, it makes you a better player. The slate goes into the pocket deeper than most tables, again it makes you shoot center pocket at all time, making you a better player. Rails are fantastic, not too short or not too long on bank shots, not too fast or slow, in my view, the best playing table on the market, wouldn't go anywhere else, thank you Diamond!

Disadvantages: The only issues I have with the Pro Am table, once you start playing, you don't want to step away from it :)
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Dec 8, 2016 by James Pan
"Fantastic! The table is perfect! Mr. Manning answered all of my questions, was the best price, was available by phone when I called and was with me from the time I first called to the day my table was installed. You don't find old fashioned genuine customer service like this anymore!"

Advantages: Professional grade table that looks as great as is plays. Mr. Manning arranged the installation by Diamond certified installers for a no headache experience. The installers were excellent and explained what they were doing and adjusted the table to my liking.

Disadvantages: None - Worth every penny, no regrets and would recommend that anyone looking for a Diamond speak with Mr. Manning.
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Apr 19, 2021 by Steve Copeland
"Lets start by saying that Heath Manning @ manning cues was spot on! He was extremely informative and on top of the whole process with very good communication. I had put my order in Dec.8th 2020 and he told me it would be mid to late April and I received it on 4-16-20. Dead on!!!! I would highly recommend Heath for your Diamond Pool table and accessory needs!!!! "

Advantages: One stop shop with Heath Manning, Very easy and straight forward. Very knowledgeable and answered all questions. Awesome!!!

Disadvantages: Diamond needs to be better organized after having to reschedule my delivery 2 times which is no fault of Heath's. Finish on 1 rail was missed in 2 spots on 1 rail...little disappointed for the amount of money you pay for a diamond pool table. Diamond took 5 months to get my table to me which is a little ridiculous and with taking that long there should not be anything missed especially the stain and finish. As far as Heath 5 stars as far as Diamond 3 stars. Great playability and construction but Diamond needs to be more thorough and better organized!!
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Jan 21, 2019 by Dustin Juvand
"Without a doubt, BEST customer support you will ever find. If you're like me and reading through the reviews, you may be skeptical about every review being extremely positive. There is a good reason for that. Let me tell you about my experience. In your very first conversation with Heath Manning, he will reassure you that he will take care of you. I can't stress how true this is. The day I took delivery of my table, the freight company rolled it out on the forklift and stuff was literally falling out of the crate. I was sick with disbelief that my Diamond table had just come in damaged. I made a call to Heath and left a message. Not expecting a reply that day as it was after business hours, I got a call within a few hours. Heath reassured that everything would be made right and I would be completely satisfied with the end results. He saw to it that I got all new replacement parts for my table. Heath Manning will do everything possible to make sure you are more than satisfied. I could not be happier with the end results. "

Advantages: Beautiful table that plays to expectations
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May 3, 2019 by Harry W Rivera
"I received the table right when they said I would. Man what a well built table it is. The dymalux wood is amazingly beautiful. plays great and the experience with Manning was the best I've experienced anywhere buying anything. "

Advantages: The biggest advantage is you can play whenever you want.

Disadvantages: nothing
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Mar 8, 2018 by Daniel Moore
"I love my table and am extremely happy I purchased from Manning Cues. Heath was very informative and helpful. "

Advantages: Heath is very knowledgeable about the Diamond Pro AM and is always a phone call away. Exceptional customer service before and after the sale.

Disadvantages: Absolutely NONE.
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Apr 26, 2018 by Jeremy Shavers
"This is the one and only place to buy a Diamond table. From the 1st initial call to the installation Heath is top notch. Everything came as promised, the table is incredible, install was quick, and it came 2 weeks early. If you want service, Heath is your guy. A+ all the year at around. 8’ Pro-Am, Cyclop balls, Bridge rack, Table cover, matching wood triangle rack. "

Advantages: The best table money can buy (my personal opinion) at the best price I could find. Delivered 2 weeks early.

Disadvantages: There are no disadvantages.
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Nov 14, 2018 by Benny Vines
"I had two overnight rental cabins burn down in the 2016 fires in Gatlinburg Tn. I purchased two 8 foot Diamond Pro-Am tables and accessories through Heath for the game rooms. There were several delays in the building process so I had to change the schedule for the tables to be delivered several times. Heath coordinated these changes seamlessly and never complained. Heath was a pleasure to work with. We wanted to have top of the line amenities for our guests to enjoy, so getting the Diamond tables was a no-brainer. They are durable and easy to maintain which is a must in the overnight rental business, and with playability that is second to none. The tables, light and cue rack look awesome in the game rooms. Buying these tables and getting them delivered and set up was the easiest part of our re-builds, thanks to Heath. I will always buy my stuff from Heath. He has truly earned my business. Thank You, Heath!"
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