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Diamond Professional Pool Table

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Feb 13, 2020 by Robert Santoski
"I received my Diamond Professional table several days ago and couldn’t be happier with its quality and playability. It’s a beautiful and functional piece of furniture. Heath Manning did an outstanding job of guiding my selections and communicating during the table’s production. When the phone rings from Manning Cues, it’s always Heath himself who answers. My table experienced a short production delay for which Heath took responsibility, even though it was out of his control. I’m a satisfied customer and highly recommend Manning Cues and a Diamond Table."

Advantages: The installation of my Diamond Professional table was smooth and professional. The certified Diamond installers provided by Heath called prior to their arrival and showed up as scheduled. They were friendly, courteous and intent on setting up the table to my complete satisfaction. They were patient and meticulous in working with me on table positioning and leveling. And they provided instruction on how I can make leveling adjustments as the table settles. They also left contact information should I have additional questions. First-class install with a first-class provider.

Disadvantages: NONE
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Dec 2, 2019 by Stephen Unangst
"The table lived up to all of my expectations. A superior product by far."

Advantages: Biggest advantage was having the table assembled at my home.

Disadvantages: none.
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Nov 27, 2019 by Daren Paul
"Heath answered all my questions and there was absolutely NO pressure at all to make a purchase or even lean in one direction or another. I called back a few weeks later with a few more questions and was ready to make my purchase which Heath walked through every step of the way. I received my comp cues almost immediately. It turned out that my area was having a Diamond sponsored event so I ended up getting my table slightly early!!!! The team not only did an amazing and professional job, we actually had quite a good time together as well. I was surprised how quick the install went and there was no mess left behind at all. Just a beautiful gleaming Diamond table, ready for years of enjoyment. The cover was on back order so I called Heath who in turned called Diamond. I had a tracking number by the end of the day and the cover two days after that.

If you are looking for a table, go Diamond. Once you've made the right decision, there is only one person to purchase from and that's Heath Manning. You won't regret it."
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Oct 9, 2019 by Wilfried Teiken
"Beautiful table that plays nice.

The table was build to spec, and the maple looks beautiful. It's rock solid and was installed absolutely flat and level. Even the details like the complementary triangle look fantastic and have a high build quality.

I have played on a number of nice tables, but the brand new table feels just awesome.

Advantages: Awesome table to play on, and highly customizable in the looks.
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Aug 6, 2019 by Stan Shuffett
"About 3 months ago I decided to replace my 25 year old Diamond Professional for a brand new Diamond Professional. My primary reason to trade for the acquisition of different table specs, primarily pocket size. I am glad to have the 4.75 specs for 14.1 as well as for teaching purposes. Also. it’s great to have the leveling system. I have a leveling system in my 10 foot Diamond and wanted one for my 9 foot table.
Heath Manning managed the entire transaction and indicated that I would have my table in 12 weeks. It only took 11 weeks. I am a satisfied customer of Manning Cues.
*Tyler Styer, USA top player, initially steered me to Manning Cues. Thanks Tyler!"
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Dec 22, 2018 by Tim Altenburg
"I highly recommend working with Heath Manning when puchasing your Diamond Pool table. Our situation made the process longer and probably more complex than typical. Heath provided great responsive service, insightfulness and relevant advice. His experience showed and his guidance was very helpful. This occurred through the entire process; from table selection through delivery.

And his delivery team was very professional, fast and experienced. Fron start to end, a great well managed process. "
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Dec 6, 2018 by John Jackson
"We just received our new Diamond Professional 9' table and it is everything I dreamed of and more. The table is immaculate and plays beautifully. Heath runs a first class business and provided amazing support at every stage of the process, from the initial order through final delivery and repeatedly contacted me to ensure that everything was going well and was to my satisfaction. Would highly recommend a Diamond table to anybody considering buying a table and you should definitely order it from Manning Cues!"
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Jul 3, 2018 by John Lilly
"Life is full of disappointments. My 9' Diamond Professional pool table is, emphatically, not one of them. It's beautifully designed, beautifully built and installed, and beautiful to the eye--and it plays pretty much perfectly.

I'm not sure what more one could want of a pool table. Whatever the opposite of Buyer's Remorse is, I'm experiencing it right now."

Advantages: Great service from Manning Cues and Diamond, all conspiring to deliver as close to perfect a product as possible.

Disadvantages: People famously differ on this, but I believe that one day I'll die, and I'm pretty sure I won't be able to take my 9' Diamond Professional pool table with me wherever I do or don't end up after that. This is a big problem for me..
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Jun 22, 2018 by Eric Clarke
"I had my 8 foot Diamond Professional installed yesterday and I am extremely happy with the table and the installation team. There were a couple of issues along the way with this table order which were completely on the Diamond Billiards end but Heath always took full responsibility even though these were issues at Diamond that were beyond his control. Heath went out of his way to make sure I was happy at the end of the day and even with a last minute issue (a mistake by Diamond), Heath came up with a solution so everyone was happy. The table is pristine and well worth the wait and overall I am happy with my new Diamond Professional. "
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Oct 13, 2017 by Christian sae
"I've been a long time customer of heaths, but only of small products like cues or wax. This is my first diamond table ever and I can honestly say everything was great. The installation was done by diamond experienced table mechanics, and Heath was very responsive and pleasant. He always opted to call rather than email me, which I think shows a lot about his care for his customers. The charges for installation and delivery were also reasonable and better than most other dealers i spoke with. "
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Sep 19, 2017 by Eddie O
"I'm the proud owner of a brand new Diamond 8' Professional. In the past I've owned Brunswicks, Olhausens, and off-brands. The difference in quality is obvious - this is the best table on the market right now. It is absolutely beautiful.

Table purchase:
I had questions. Lots of them. I called and e-mailed in the morning, late at night, it never mattered, Heath would respond immediately. He loves his job, and it shows. You won't meet a nicer more helpful guy.

Table delivery/install:
Once the table was ready, delivery was scheduled, and within a few days I had one of the best pool table techs in the country putting together my table. His attention to detail and need for perfection were ridiculous. Absolutely amazing. I couldn't be happier with the entire experience. And at the end of the day, I'm fairly confident I have one of the nicest tables in Austin right now."
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Jul 27, 2017 by Charlie Cato
"This is a review of my recently received Diamond Professional 9' table purchased from Manning Cues and especially the customer service experience of dealing with Heath Manning.

In a word, the table is superb, just what was expected in every respect. Given Diamond's reputation in the industry, I would have expected no less.

What really stands out though is the incredible customer service provided by Heath Manning at every step of the process. Heath helped me through the process of selecting various options for the table and was very generous with his time in offering help and advice. Then, in a manner which is all too rare these days, he (and Diamond) proceeded to do exactly what he said he would do exactly when he said he would do it. Every deadline was met or surpassed. The table went into production, was shipped, and delivered on time and as promised. Heath was checking in with me and updating me on the order status every step of the way.

Advantages: Buying a $6k pool table over the internet from someone you've never laid eyes on may seem like a bit of a risky maneuver, but my experience with Heath should put your fears to rest.
See above comments about both the Diamond product and the customer care provided by Heath Manning.

Disadvantages: None
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Oct 12, 2016 by James Salvador
"Diamond Pro Table installed 5 months ago. Couldn't be more happy with the purchase. Excellent table and the process from ordering through setup was great. Totally love the table."

Advantages: Well built. Great playing. True. Stylish enough for the home.

Disadvantages: None so far.
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Sep 30, 2016 by John Galik
"To anyone wanting to purchase a pool table: I've never in my life felt the need to put any of my opinions on the internet, but I feel I owe it to Heath Manning to take the time to write this small blurb. When I read that he would be personally involved in my purchase of a pool table from Manning Cues I was a bit skeptical. However, Heath himself answered my phone calls and emails promptly. He worked with me to get the exact table I wanted, and I truly believe Heath's prices are some of the best. My table was delivered almost exactly when he said it would be, and team that set it up was great. If there had been any problems at all, I have no doubt that Heath himself would have made sure that they were corrected.

J. Galik"
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