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Jul 31, 2017 by Matt Manning about  Diamond Table Cover:
"Came just as described and fits like it should. I like the material, it is heavier and more durable than I thought it would be. It's a quality product"

Advantages: Fits nicely around the table

Disadvantages: None
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Jul 30, 2017 by Justin Walker about  Diamond Table Cover:
"if you have a Diamond pool table, then you absolutely must have this cover."

Advantages: Very high quality leather made in America, Fits table perfectly.

Disadvantages: Recommend getting some sort of storage case that fits under the pool table and holds the folded cover to keep it clean, so table stays clean when you put it back on when done playing.
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Jul 30, 2017 by Alan Grant about  Diamond Ball & Cue Rack:
"Beautifully finished solid wood cue rack! Love it. "

Advantages: Makes the pool room look elegant.

Disadvantages: I don't have a matching Diamond pool table.
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Jul 27, 2017 by Charlie Cato about  Diamond Professional Pool Table:
"This is a review of my recently received Diamond Professional 9' table purchased from Manning Cues and especially the customer service experience of dealing with Heath Manning.

In a word, the table is superb, just what was expected in every respect. Given Diamond's reputation in the industry, I would have expected no less.

What really stands out though is the incredible customer service provided by Heath Manning at every step of the process. Heath helped me through the process of selecting various options for the table and was very generous with his time in offering help and advice. Then, in a manner which is all too rare these days, he (and Diamond) proceeded to do exactly what he said he would do exactly when he said he would do it. Every deadline was met or surpassed. The table went into production, was shipped, and delivered on time and as promised. Heath was checking in with me and updating me on the order status every step of the way.

Advantages: Buying a $6k pool table over the internet from someone you've never laid eyes on may seem like a bit of a risky maneuver, but my experience with Heath should put your fears to rest.
See above comments about both the Diamond product and the customer care provided by Heath Manning.

Disadvantages: None
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Jul 1, 2017 by Brian Knieriem about  Diamond Pro-Am Pool Table:
"I love my new 9' Pro-Am. Heath gave me the best price I could find and was always available to answer any questions I had. Table was delivered in 12 weeks after order as planned. Install went great, Chris Duncan and Rick Beams did a fantastic job. If your thinking about getting a Diamond, Heath is the man to call. Thanks for everything Heath."

Advantages: I believe this is the best table on the planet. Just my humble opinion.

Disadvantages: Can't think of one.
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Jun 28, 2017 by Ron Boyle about  Diamond Pro-Am Pool Table:
"I just received my new 9' Diamond Pro Am.
Diamond tables are one of, if not the best table in the industry.
I couldn't be happier with this purchase.
Heath Manning is a top notch business man.
Heath worked with me directly, from start to finish. Heath kept me up to date on manufacturing lead times and expected delivery dates. He responded to emails and phone calls; night, day and weekends.
It's been a pleasure. "
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Jun 27, 2017 by Justin Tingle about  Diamond Pro-Am Pool Table:
"I have had a dream of owning a 9ft Diamond pro am for nearly 18 years. Manning Cues made that dream a reality! The personal customer service and professionalism of Heath Manning himself are definitely unmatched just as advertised! You can't possibly find anyone any better. My table was delivered on time and professionally Installed within 2 hours! Thank you Heath and Manning Cues for making my dream come true!"
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Aug 9, 2017 by Nick about  Diamond Pro-Am Pool Table:
"Excellent quality from Diamond and excellent service from Heath. I had my table installed 11 weeks from the time I ordered which was a week ahead of schedule. Heath was available anytime I called to answer my questions. Heath personally called me after the install to make sure I was satisfied. The table mechanic Shane did an excellent job with the installation as well. I would have no reservations ordering another table through Heath. "

Advantages: The table is a Diamond. Simply put, best playing table In production in my opinion. Balls roll true. Pockets are tight, but fair. Rails provide a solid hit and give you confidence that the ball is going to bank true every time.

Disadvantages: None yet....
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Sep 19, 2017 by Eddie O about  Diamond Professional Pool Table:
"I'm the proud owner of a brand new Diamond 8' Professional. In the past I've owned Brunswicks, Olhausens, and off-brands. The difference in quality is obvious - this is the best table on the market right now. It is absolutely beautiful.

Table purchase:
I had questions. Lots of them. I called and e-mailed in the morning, late at night, it never mattered, Heath would respond immediately. He loves his job, and it shows. You won't meet a nicer more helpful guy.

Table delivery/install:
Once the table was ready, delivery was scheduled, and within a few days I had one of the best pool table techs in the country putting together my table. His attention to detail and need for perfection were ridiculous. Absolutely amazing. I couldn't be happier with the entire experience. And at the end of the day, I'm fairly confident I have one of the nicest tables in Austin right now."
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Sep 22, 2017 by Bill Olson about  Diamond Pro-Am Pool Table:
"This table is second to none. This purchase of Pro Am table and cover has been the most enjoyable of all time. Heath Manning is the reason. Thru out the 2 month process he has upon several occasions promptly answered all of my concerns and questions in a kind and professional manner. The table was delivered 3 weeks early YAHOO!"

Advantages: I am tickled with the solidness of the banks, how easy it is to maintain its levelness and its tastefulness in design. The Diamond Certified installers were knowledgeable, curtious and fast while providing a quality install. Id say in and out in less than 2 hours.

Disadvantages: A slight bit noisy ball return system. Have added some extra sound absorbing.
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Feb 7, 2017 by Christopher Horan about  Diamond Ball Cleaner/Polisher (8 Balls):
"I received the Diamond Ball Polisher from Manning Cues. The unit arrived well packed and in good shape. Operation is simple and the unit is very quiet. I placed the balls in for 10 minutes and they came out with the same shine they had when brand new. "

Advantages: The unit is very quiet and the balls are polished nicely in a matter of minutes. This is a very effective polisher.
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Dec 12, 2017 by Benjie Estor about  Diamond Pro-Am Pool Table:
"I recently ordered a 9ft diamond pro-am table (blue label) from Heath Manning of Manning Cues and I was one of the lucky customer to have it delivered and installed a week after I fully paid. I couldn't be more happier as I was told that there's a waiting period to get one of these beasts. I had the 3 piece slate with pro-cut size pockets and it plays really great. Heath Manning even go above and beyond to send me another ball rack (Oak Rosewood, the one I got was black) as I ordered. Even after I refused that he didn't have to but because he is such a good and trustworthy person he did it anyway. I would highly recommend him to all my friends or to anyone so what are you waiting for? Reach out to him and you will never regret it."
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Dec 11, 2017 by Bob Randolph about  Diamond Ball Cleaner/Polisher (8 Balls):
"This polisher is second to none. Well made, durable, and high quality. Manning cues has a great price, ordering was breeze and my polisher arrived faster than expected. Thank you Heath."

Advantages: This polisher is well made and worth the money. It is fast, quiet, and maybe best of all, has a timer which shuts off the polisher automatically. Turn it on and walk away.

Disadvantages: None that I can think of.
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"The light came in when expected, and really looks solid above my 9ft pro am. I called Manning and he talked me through various options to have the light hung, or to hang it myself. Manning went above and beyond o talk to me about installation ideas, and even offered to get on the phone with me and my friend to talk us through installing it! I got an electrician friend to come help me mount and hang the light, and it was far simpler than i had originally thought (just like Manning had said)."

Advantages: Light compliments table wonderfully. Was not as tough to install as I had thought (although good idea to have 2 folks around to mount).

Disadvantages: none
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Jan 1, 2018 by Nick P. about  Diamond Pro-Am Pool Table:
"This table is by far one of the best tables I've ever played on. It's only surpassed by the customer service that Manning showed during the ordering process. Manning was absolutely fantastic dealing with all of my questions, and guiding me to the right purchase. He didn't try to sell me things I didn't need, and went above and beyond to make sure I was happy. He called me back after I had sent an email into his site in about 10 minutes. He also called me and responded to questions after hours and on weekends, even when I didn't expect to hear from him for a few days. Manning is the epitome of excellence."

Advantages: Reliable answers, guided me, pool table is fantastic, service was on-time and excellence.

Disadvantages: none
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Jan 15, 2018 by Brad guthrie about  Diamond Pro-Am Pool Table:
"I am very impressed with the table. It looks sharpe and plays great. The installers did a wonderful job. "

Advantages: Less expensive in the long run to practice. Your game will improve playing on the top of the line tables.

Disadvantages: I haven’t came across one yet.
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Jan 15, 2018 by Paul Madonia about  Diamond Pro-Am Pool Table:
"My purchase of my 9 foot Diamond Pro-Am table through Manning Cues was totally professional. You pick up the phone you speak to Heath directly he explains the whole process so that you understand exactly what your buying how your going to pay and when you can expect delivery. I would recommend Manning Cues to anyone who is interested in a Diamond table."
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Jan 15, 2018 by Jeff Hannans about  Diamond Pro-Am Pool Table:
"My Diamond table plays "Awesome". The wait was worth it. Heath was on it, communicating every step in the process of my order. Starting with the initial order through Diamond factory build, through delivery timelines, through communication of the installers and after the final table setup/completion. As the saying goes "you get what you pay for", this statement is true for both the product (Diamond Pro-Am 8' table) and Manning Cues. Outstanding Product and Service."

Advantages: The best table in the industry. Outstanding service and communication from Manning Cues.

Disadvantages: The wait for the table build due to the factory build. This statement has no bearing on Manning Cues service.
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Jan 16, 2018 by John Visotsky about  Diamond Pro-Am Pool Table:
"If you're looking for the best table you can buy, this is it. If you're looking for the best place to buy it from, you've come to the right place. Dealing with Heath was an excellent experience from start to finish. He answered all my questions prior to purchase, and kept me updated throughout the time my table arrived. I would not hesitate recommending Manning Cues to anyone, and look forward to dealing with Heath in the future on other purchases!"
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Jan 30, 2018 by Mike Ling about  Diamond Pro-Am Pool Table:
"Superb table and great customer service"

Advantages: Excellent finish on the table. We have mahogany floors with light gray walls. The black finish with gray felt makes the table look as though it's designed for the house. And Heath always responded within a day when I had a question.
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Feb 6, 2018 by David Burton about  Diamond Pro-Am Pool Table:
"I upgraded from a very nice looking "furniture grade" table that I thought played pretty well. The difference in the old table and the Diamond Pro-Am is like night and day. Even with the pro-cut pockets, it just seems easier to play on. There's no doubt that it banks and rolls more predictably.

Ordering through Heath couldn't have been easier. It's rare to find the level of customer service that he provides. He explains exactly how the process works, and will take the time to answer all questions you have without any pressure. During installation, it was determined that the factory had sent some of the wrong parts with the table, Diamond sent the correct parts overnight so the installation could be completed the next day. When I called Heath, he happened to be at the Diamond factory, and assured me that everything would be taken care of. I believe that Heath will do whatever it takes to make sure that all of his customers are satisfied. "

Advantages: Customer service and support through Heath is top notch.
Diamond certified installers did a great job.

Disadvantages: None
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Mar 10, 2017 by Chris Samuels about  Diamond Ball Cleaner/Polisher (8 Balls):
"Manning Cues is definitely the real deal. If there is one thing i look for when doing business is somebody that stands behind their products and he does 100%. The top of the polisher was damaged during shipping and Manning immediately resolved and best of all you get the owner when you call for support. You just don't get service like that anymore. Very refreshing!"

Advantages: The unit is a real work of art with excellence both in form and function. It's obvious to the causal eye that this was built to exacting standards. The motor is extremely quite and 10 minutes later the balls are brand new. A great addition to my pool room. Thank you Manning!

Disadvantages: None
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Mar 15, 2017 by Al F. about  Diamond Ball Cleaner/Polisher (8 Balls):
"After reviewing other similar products, I decided to go with the Diamond ball polisher. The product arrived via UPS. The polisher was securely packed and delivered within the time frame. Thank you. "

Advantages: The polisher is very quiet and most of all the balls come out shiny and very clean.

Disadvantages: None
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Mar 17, 2017 by Peter Currier about  Diamond Table Cover:
"This cover is exactly what I was looking for to cover my Diamond pool table. Cover is made by Hood leathers and is top quality construction."
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May 21, 2019 by John Lee about  Diamond Pro-Am Pool Table:
"Couldn't be happier! Heath and the Diamond installers have been nothing but true professionals (and I'm not real easy to please)!"
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